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This is the first method of instruction course we have run virtually and cadets from 472,1175,310 and 146 have been a massive part of it.
When they join the course they are already qualified in presenting, this course focuses on how to deliver a lesson which caters for many different learning styles in a variety of settings.
These cadets were the first to trial a new module on delivering over MS teams in a virtual environment, a module developed in house.
This course is only part of the journey for these budding instructors, now they will undertake a period of consolidation supported by their own squadrons before completing a final assessed lesson in several weeks time.
There is a requirement for MOI qualifies cadets to complete Continuous Professional Development every year with cadets having to re-qualify after three years.
Sqn Ldr Coulter, the Wing Training Officer, said “This was a good weekend, not a lot of people want to log into their computer at 0830 on a Saturday and Sunday morning to complete a full training course after a busy week but all the students contributed well and we saw some very strong practice lessons on the second day. Fg Off Moores headed up this weekend and his organisation and efforts really helped make this course interactive, smooth and different. My thanks to him and the training team for their efforts this weekend.”
The Regional Training Officer was also in attendance and was very impressed with the efforts of the cadets and staff.

What is the MOI Course?

There is no minimum age or rank required before undertaking this course, but it is recommended that the cadet is at least a First Class Cadet and has completed the Presentation Skills Course, able to complete the course and will be of use as an instructor.

This does not involve formal examinations, but does require attendance upon a Method of Instruction Course, followed by a consolidation period and assessment. This will qualify you to teach other cadets various aspects of the Air Cadet syllabus. Unlike the classifications, you obtain a lanyard as opposed to a badge. 

However it does not end there. Other lanyards are available for cadets who have completed further courses, training them in additional leadership and field craft skills (Junior Leaders Course), or aviation related disciplines (Aerospace Instructor Course). Also available are various sports and adventure training courses, shooting courses, health and safety, media communications, radio, cyber defence, music and many more, all allowing you do develop yourself more