Adventure Training

Adventurous Training is an essential part of the Air Cadet’s training syllabus and the place where team effort really matters – you’ll build new friendships, and learn to rely on the other people you’re with to get the job done. It also lets you show off your leadership qualities.

Something for everyone

Remember, whatever your personal tastes, nothing is compulsory. There is a wide range of adventurous activities to get stuck into, so if climbing isn’t for you perhaps canoeing is. Sometimes what’s on offer depends on the squadron you attend, but everything you do is supervised by qualified trainers who will ensure you get the most out of it.

Between local activities and visits to camps, you will have the chance to experience parachuting, kayaking, hill walking, camping, caving, mountain biking, offshore sailing and winter sports to name just a few.


Each year the Corps runs a Parachuting Course based at RAF Weston-on-the-Green.

The Cadets learn how to parachute including emergency procedures.

Then after their training they get the opportunity to jump out of an aircraft at 3,000ft AGL (above ground level).

The jump is a static line jump similar to the paratroopers of WW2