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What are your doing for VJ Day 75?

The 75th anniversary of VJ Day (Victory over Japan) will be recognised on 15 August 2020 commemorating the end of the Second World War. 

The VJ celebrations in London, August 1945 © IWM

Whilst VE Day (Victory in Europe) marked the end of the war in Europe in May 1945, many thousands of Armed Forces personnel were still engaged in bitter fighting in the Far East. Victory over Japan would come at a heavy price, and Victory over Japan Day (VJ Day) marks the day Japan surrendered on the 15 August 1945, which in effect ended the Second World War.

Discover your WW2 history

You can use these online resources to discover your local and family Second World War histories and connections:

To help commemorate VJ Day, Ancestry is opening selected worldwide records and sharing expert advice to help you research the untold stories of the war. Discover more about your family’s history.

VJ Day in your home

Merseyside Wing Cadets

We want you to throw your very own VJ Day “street party”. Invite your family and friends (abiding by Covid 19 restrictions) take some photos of your party and tag @merseysidewing on Instagram or Twitter and with #VJDay75

You can also decorate the party with the bunting and pictures from the toolkit below.

With the agreement of the Wing Commander, Merseyside Wing Squadrons, Cadets and Staff are being asked to show their respects on the day by attending at their home addresses, a personal parade with a salute at 1100 in honour of those who fought in that conflict which ended 75 years ago. This will be done in a manner similar to the clap for the NHS and salute for the VE Parade earlier this year.

Uniform for the occasion as per direction from the Wing Warrant Officer is as follows: Cadets – 2A Long Sleeved Wedgewood Blue shirts and ties, no jersey worn.

Uniformed Staff – Those with No. 1 Uniform may wear them if they wish, otherwise uniform is 2A same as for Cadets.

Also we would ask that pictures of the Cadet/Staff salutes be taken and sent to Wing Media Team via the VJ Day Album which has been set up on the Internal MSW Facebook Group – VJ DAY 75. Please add yourself to the App on Cadet Portal / SMS before the event if you are taking part.

The following toolkit has been made available by

Bunting to print and make at home

VJ Day Bunting Template 1

VJ Day Bunting Template 2

Posters to print and personalise

5 Ways to get involved

Blank Poster Landscape

Blank Poster Portrait

Fun worksheets to print and colour

VJ Day activity sheet

VJ Day Spitfire colour in 

VJ Day Thank You colouring sheet

VJ Day V for Victory colouring in sheet 

Graphics to use on social media​

VJ Day Social Media Landscape

VJ Day 1 Month

VJ Day Social Media Square

VJ Day- Get Involved

VJ Day Social Media Portrait

VJ Day – Thank You

VJ Day logos

VJ Day Logo Landscape

VJ Day Logo Portrait