To be worn with issued trousers. Socks should be plain black and in good repair.


To be worn with issued skirt. tights should be barely black in colour and seamless.

Parade Shoes

Cadets are not issued with shoes so private purchase is necessary. RAF issue shoes are available from most Army & Navy stores.
For the Male shoes please do not buy “Cheap alternative” footwear. The shoes that have soft toecaps will not bull properly, when they have been bulled and your cadet has put a lot of time and effort in to them the toe cap polish can fall off due to the movement within the toecap itself. You can buy Super Grade or Grade 1 RAF Issue shoes from £10.00. (Links to useful sites are below) Kiwi black is the preferred shoe polish to be used, other brands do not seem to work as well.

Bull Kit

Used for polishing shoes

Kiwi Black polish 

Old toothbrush (cleaned) 

Cotton Wool balls or Polishing cloth (Jewellers cloth) either are acceptable, but the cloth is reusable.

Used for Polishing boots

On and Off Brushes

Kiwi Black Polish (Brown or Altberg Polish as required) 

Hair Products

Female Cadets will also need a plain black bobble, with a hair net matching their hair colour. Plain hair pins may also be used.​


There are 2 options for greens; Soldier 95 and MTP PCS. MTP is the newer uniform however it is also more expensive, To begin with it is advised that you purchase Soldier 95’s (S95) for the first year to make sure your child enjoys the cadets and can take part in all activities.

Standard walking boots are not suitable as they provide insufficient ankle support and do not provide the waterproof qualities of assault boots that finish mid-shin.

Soldier 95

  • British Lightweight Assault Boots (Black boots ONLY)
  • Wind-proof S95 Smock or Ripstop Jacket 
  • S95 Shirt 
  • Olive Green T-shirt 
  • S95 Trousers 
  • Thick Walking Socks/Combat Socks
  • Trouser Twisters 
  • Green Courlene Belt 

S95 Deal  from British Military Surplus £25.00


  • British Lightweight Assault Boots (Black and Brown boots acceptable)
  • Wind-proof MTP Smock ​
  • MTP Shirt 
  • Olive Green T-shirt
  • MTP Trousers 
  • Thick Walking Socks/Combat Socks
  • Trouser Twisters 
  • Green Courlene Belt 

MTP Cadet Starter Kit from British Military Surplus £80.00

Uniform Suppliers